- December 2012: Vol. 4 No.11

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The Money Talks 2012: Greater Market and LP/GP Relationship Transparency Can Help Drive Investments in Asian Property Assets

by Dr. Jennifer Molloy

Ask investors and their managers about market transparency in Asia, and they’ll agree that greater transparency is not only wanted but needed. Add to this the fact that we are not that far removed from the toll the global financial crisis took on the relationship between limited partner and general partner. The need for greater market and LP/GP transparency will continue to affect the strategies investors use to make their investments and which managers receive capital commitments from them. Have strides toward alignment of interest in the aftermath of the global financial crisis actually been beneficial or harmful to the LP/GP relationship?

The decisions investors make affect the strength of their portfolios, the needs of the people to whom they answer and where millions of investment dollars will next ebb and flow. The consultants and investment advisers they turn to for guidance also have heavy responsibilities as they navigate potentially murky investme

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