The global listed infrastructure report: Essential news and notes
- March 1, 2020: Vol. 13, Number 3

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The global listed infrastructure report: Essential news and notes

by Fraser Hughes

Below are recent notes, trends and key performers in global listed infrastructure. Total return performance during the past 12 months (February to February) is in parentheses.

The Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation (GLIO) Index of “pure” infrastructure companies added 23 percent compared against 18.9 percent for global equities over the past 12 months. Telecom infrastructure (45 percent), water utilities (31 percent), electric utilities (31 percent) and renewables (51 percent) drove the index forward during the same period.

Long-term U.S.-dollar annualized total return (15 years) for global listed infrastructure was 10.7 percent versus 7.7 percent for global equities. Listed infrastructure achieved this with approximately 300 basis points lower volatility compared against equities.

The “Global infrastructure listed and private vs. global equities and bonds” chart below shows the GLIO Index (dark blue line) clearly track private infrastructure (red

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