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The cornered office: Working out the new working world

by Alex Frew McMillan

The way you respond to the current trends in office space — shaped as they are by the advent of shared and flexible workspaces, the greater influence of technology and tech companies, and the demographic surge of millennials occupying an ever-growing slice of the workforce — may well determine whether your business remains a success or ends in failure in the near future.

Of course, the working world is always changing. But new developments are coming faster and with more dramatic effect than they may have in the past. The “traditional office” and “typical office tower” are becoming archaic. Speed, flexibility and efficiency are the new watchwords.

Millennials are one of the factors in play. They, in particular, prefer flat organisational structures, notes Dr Alex Pham, senior research manager for Knight Frank in Australia. They also stress a good work/life balance and value social interaction more than previous generations of e

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