Talking Points: June 2024
- June 1, 2024: Vol. 11, Number 6

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Talking Points: June 2024


Tyler Cloherty, a managing director at Deloitte who advises fund managers: “We’re moving into a gray area as asset-management businesses move into different silos of financial services. The big question I’m getting is, ’What do we do around getting alternatives to retail clients?’ There’s a lot of complexity there.”


Joe Roselli, Costco member who signed up to buy two $1,959 gold bars: “I want something physical that I can hold. I’m protecting against a situation where there is hyperinflation.”


Aravind Srinivas, founder and CEO of Perplexity: “The incumbent is always our biggest competition, Google, because we are entering the search category, except the difference has been unlike previous competitors to Google. … We’re trying to create a new category called the ‘answer engine,’ where you get a direct answer to any question you ask.”


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