- May 1, 2021: Vol. 14, Number 5

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Reflections from Americas Editorial: Advisory Board Meeting and i3 Roundtables

by Chase McWhorter

In early March, I officially became the new managing director of IREI’s Institutional Real Estate Americas platform. As of today, I also serve as the managing director of IREI’s Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3) platform. I don’t state this for a pat on the back, but for context on what an incredible opportunity it has been this past month to view our respective platforms through a more broad “real assets” lens. In March, we were still hosting our i3 Virtual Roundtable series, and just last week we wrapped our Spring Americas Editorial Advisory Board Meeting. Going back and forth between these platforms and working with both real estate and infrastructure professionals has been enlightening and humbling. While we share notes internally across our publications, it is different to hear from all of you directly.

Taking a step back briefly for background, the Editorial Advisory Board Meeting is where we meet (typically in

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