- Q2/2022 IREI.Q Funds in the market

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Q2/2022 IREI.Q Funds in the market

by Denise Moose

Institutional real estate investors have a wide variety of funds to peruse. The 289 funds listed on the following pages are a product of Institutional Real Estate, Inc.’s proprietary database, IREI.Q. They represent a multitude of geographic regions, property types and strategies. Closed-end funds account for a large proportion of the funds, with 135 funds seeking to raise an aggregate of approximately $169.2 billion. In addition, the list includes 154 open-end funds for investors to choose from.

Looking at the region-specific focus of the closed-end funds in the market, global and multiregion-focused funds account for 38.74 percent ($65.6 billion) of the total dollar volume. North America–focused funds rank second with 34.88 percent ($59.1 billion), followed by funds with a Europe focus, with 20.06 percent ($33.9 billion). Funds with an Asia Pacific investment focus represent the smallest share, with 6.32 percent ($10.7 billi

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