Why nuclear power is a must
- February 1, 2020: Vol. 7, Number 2

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Why nuclear power is a must

by Mike Consol

Here’s the dilemma: The United States — and many investors — are fixated on renewables, chiefly wind and solar, and they are advancing rapidly, but not rapidly enough to cleanse the air of carbon emissions anytime soon, especially with the planet’s energy needs spiraling. The zero-emission energy source capable of scaling rapidly and diminishing the addiction to fossil fuels is nuclear power.

Consider that the United States already generates more nuclear power than any country in the world (about 20 percent of its total electricity production), even though it has not built and activated a new nuclear plant in decades. That 20 percent pales in comparison to countries such as France (which gets 75 percent of its power from nuclear), Belgium (51 percent), Ukraine (46 percent), Sweden (38 percent), Switzerland (36 percent) and the Czech Republic (35 percent).

What’s more, the technology behind nuclear power plants is rapidly evolving, and China and Russia are amo

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