Then and now: Lessons from a hundred years ago
- November 1, 2020: Vol. 12, Number 10

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Then and now: Lessons from a hundred years ago

by Geoffrey Dohrmann

We’re now well into this year’s global COVID-19 pandemic, with no clear signs of when things will turn around. The scientific community continues to pursue a safe and effective vaccine, with billions being invested to discover the right balance for widespread manufacturing and distribution.

Meanwhile, property markets continue to react — particularly in those property types whose tenants have been most severely and negatively affected (hotels, retail and nursing homes).

Most of our readers are anxiously awaiting third-quarter performance numbers, while valuers continue to seek clarity in a murky market clouded by a dramatic falloff in comparable sales data.

Most industry observers anticipate write-downs, though few can say how deep those write-downs are likely to be or how quickly values will eventually rebound once the worldwide shelter-in-place mandates have been lifted and business gets back to some new semblance of normality.

The only comp most

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