- December 1, 2014: Vol. 1, Number 3

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Look Before Leaping into the Great Tech Conundrum

by Ben Johnson

This December issue of Real Assets Adviser, our third on the trot coming to you every month, attempts to tackle a variety of topics that are relevant to investing trends in the real assets space, but one in particular is proving to be more divisive and yet potentially game changing — crowdfunding.

Firstly, it was an easy decision to cover the subject, since it has gained a great deal of mainstream attention. There are even entire conferences devoted to it. Then, as with any new technology that is adopted, it took time to learn. During the discovery phase, it was important to decide something simple, yet oh so telling. Is that term — crowdfunding — to be treated as two separate words or should it appear as a more unified phrase? We settled on the unified approach as the industry standard and set off from there.

I realize this is minutiae stuff in the grander scheme of things, but in fact, today’s crowdfunding space looks more like the wild wild west tha

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