- July 1, 2018: Vol. 10, Number 7

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The logic of logistics: Demographic and digital trends reveal a bright future for adaptable logistics assets

by Dr Jennifer Molloy

The conventional wisdom to “think outside the box” takes on new meaning when considering investment in today’s logistics facilities and the often-boxed delivery goods they hold. The need for modern, creative and technologically-advanced ways to hold and move traditional cardboard parcels and other goods for transport to their final destinations is a response to demands from a new e-commerce era of online shopping and the desire to receive purchases almost immediately.

It is no secret the fast-paced digital world is disrupting traditional property sectors. But although some of these technological shifts have weighed heavily on investors in the office and retail arenas, the logistics sector has more often than not presented investors with many upside considerations.

In Asia Pacific in particular, “strong secular growth drivers, including rising consumerism and rapid adoption rates of e-commerce, underpin stable property fundamentals” in the region, says Chris C

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