- November 1, 2020: Vol. 13, Number 10

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Infrastructure 101: A guide to white papers and reports focused on the basics of infrastructure investing

by Drew Campbell

Investing in the future: European asset allocation insights 2020

by Mercer

The complete report, which was published in August 2020, is available at


European pension funds’ awareness of, and desire for, action on climate change, related investment risk surges, according to Mercer’s latest European Asset Allocation Insights, with 54 percent of those surveyed now actively considering the impact of such risks in their investment allocations, compared to just 14 percent in 2019. Through its regular Investing in A Time of Climate Change report, Mercer has been engaging with clients on this topic, and the firm expects the trend to continue as more schemes consider the potential portfolio impacts of climate change over the coming years.

Mercer’s research also found that the overwhelming majority (89 percent) of schemes surveyed now c

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