- February 3, 2014: Vol. 7, Number 2

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Feeling optimistic: Twenty years goes by in the blink of an eye

by Sheila Hopkins

I’ve spent the past two weeks talking to infrastructure investment managers and investors in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Despite being separated by a large body of water — and a common language — some common sentiments emerged.

First of all, managers and investors alike are optimistic. Although the recovery in the United Kingdom and continental Europe has been slower than that in the United States, the region is definitely in a recovery. As a result, capital — lots of capital — is being raised, and deals are getting done. The focus right now is on energy infrastructure, though transportation is getting its fair share of attention. Other sectors will need to wait a bit, but just as secondary real estate markets are finally beginning to see significant inflows of capital, the out-of-favor infrastructure sectors will undoubtedly begin receiving attention as prices rise and values compress in sectors currently receiving boatloads of capital.


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