- March 1, 2015: Vol. 27, Number 3

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Data centers’ Latin accent: Powerhouse computing facilities are adding up to billions in South American investment

by Brad Berton

Like those notorious conquistadors so many centuries ago, outsiders seeking opportunities in the region that has come to be known as Latin America still tend to explore its expansive terrain before launching expeditions to exploit valuable resources. And despite what appear to be quite compelling opportunities to capitalize on the region’s vastly underserved data center needs, that historic “look before you leap” pattern is generally prevailing today in the fast-growing sector.

As Latin America is still perceived as part of the developing world, its expected high economic growth holds a magnetic attraction for deep-pocketed outside investors seeking outsized returns with opportunistic plays. And, as professionals tracking expansion of the region’s data center business are keen to point out, demand for the sector’s facilities and services has clearly been outpacing supply, engendering potentially lucrative opportunities to fill corresponding voids. However, as they a

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