- January 1, 2021: Vol. 8, Number 1

California electricity imports were the nation’s largest during 2019

by Kali Persall

In 2019, California’s electricity imports were the largest in the country at 70.8 million megawatt hours, representing 25 percent of the state’s total electricity supply, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

California utilities partly own and import power from several power plants in Arizona and Utah. In addition, California’s electricity imports include hydroelectric power from the Pacific Northwest, largely across high-voltage transmission lines running from Oregon to the Los Angeles area.

The EIA also reported that Pennsylvania’s electricity generation was the third largest in the nation, behind Texas and Florida. Pennsylvania’s electricity exports were the largest of any state in 2019, at 70.5 million megawatt hours, or 24 percent of the total supply.

Natural gas–fired and nuclear power plants produced the majority of Pennsylvania’s in-state electricity in 2019, at 43 percent and 36 percent, respectively. Pennsylvania ranks second in the nation, after Illinois, in nuclear power generating capacity.

EIA also noted that Ohio was the second-largest electricity importer in 2019. Ohio’s large population, heavily industrial economy, and wide seasonal temperature variation create high electricity demand, which at times exceeds in-state generation.

Four of the five largest exporters, by percentage of total supply, produced more than half of their in-state electricity from coal, ranging from 51 percent in Montana to 91 percent in West Virginia.

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Kali Persall is a reporter at Institutional Real Estate, Inc. and editor of iREOC Connect

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