- September 1, 2022: Vol. 14, Number 8

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Beyond the noise: Why Australian office assets with strong ESG credentials are poised to attract tenants — and investors — for years to come

by Leonie Wilkinson

Premium Australian office is still an attractive place to invest despite lingering impacts from the pandemic and more recent concerns around rising inflation and interest rates. Within the sector, however, more attention is rightly being paid to environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors, particularly amid the transition to net zero.

Australia has just come out of its third winter with COVID-19 and the first where we’re truly living with the virus. That’s not to say the colder months have been without their COVID-related challenges, and this year the market is also dealing with rising inflation and interest rates, causing choppy conditions and roaring bears in some quarters.

From our perspective, however, there is no need for the office investor to panic, particularly when it comes to premium-quality real estate.

Australia’s economic backdrop amid inflation

Australia remains a great place to invest. It has a strong economy t

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