- April 1, 2018: Vol. 30, Number 4

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Investors remain satisfied with real estate

by Loretta Clodfelter

“Real estate continues to outperform investor expectations,” said Jim Woidat, a principal at Kingsley Associates, at a briefing in New York City on the preliminary results of the annual survey of real estate investors conducted jointly by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. and Kingsley Associates.

The survey, in its 22nd year, received 186 responses from 129 U.S. investors and 57 foreign investors. A significant majority of respondents to the survey are satisfied with their real estate investments, with 43 percent of U.S. investors very satisfied and 39 percent somewhat satisfied. Similar feelings held for foreign investors, with 43 percent very satisfied and 32 percent somewhat satisfied.

One key finding was an increase in target allocations to real estate, with U.S. respondents increasing targets from 8.5 percent to 9.8 percent. The underlying data reflects a real increase in target allocations on a same-respondent basis, as well, explained Woidat.

The survey

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