- November 1, 2015: Vol. 8, Number 10

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Aim high: Telecommunications towers are a high-growth but little-noticed infrastructure sector

by Drew Campbell

Communications infrastructure is just a small slice of the overall infrastructure market, and within this sector, telecommunications towers are an even smaller portion of the market, but they also are one of the more interesting stories in infrastructure investing.

Despite telecommunications infrastructure such as satellites, fiber optic cable and network gear and towers typically making up a small portion of investors’ infrastructure portfolios, the tower market is one of the highest growth sectors in infrastructure at the moment, and investors with an appetite for more value-added investments find much to like. As the growth of Internet traffic continues at a strong pace, these assets are in high demand for their capital gains potential, but many participants anticipate after this growth phase, the market will align more closely to what many investors consider a more core-like infrastructure risk-return profile — a more passive investment with high-cash yields.

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