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World real estate accounts for 60% of all mainstream assets

by Andrea Waitrovich

The total value of all developed real estate on the globe reached $217 trillion in 2015, according to Savills’ annual “Around the World in Dollars and Cents.”

The value of global property in 2015 amounted to 2.7 times the world’s GDP, making up roughly 60 percent of mainstream global assets and representing an important store of national, corporate and individual wealth.

“To give this figure context, the total value of all the gold ever mined is approximately $6 trillion, which pales in comparison to the total value of developed property by a factor of 36 to 1,” said Yolande Barnes, head of Savills world research, in a statement. “The value of global real estate exceeds — by almost a third — the total value of all globally traded equities and securitized debt instruments put together an

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