Wind energy costs reach all-time lows
Energy - SEPTEMBER 6, 2019

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Wind energy costs reach all-time lows

by Kali Persall

Advancements in wind technology are driving wind energy costs to all-time lows, according to a new report by the U.S. Department of Energy.

According to the Department of Energy’s “Wind Technologies Market Report,” larger turbines are boosting performance, while low turbine pricing is pushing down project costs. In 2018, the average generating capacity of new turbines was 2.4 megawatts, a 239 percent increase over 20 years.

These turbines had an average rotor diameter size of 116 meters, a 141 percent increase from 1998–1999, with an average hub height of 88 meters, a 57 percent increase. The sizes of turbines are only expected to increase in the coming years.

Meanwhile, the average cost of installed projects in 2018 was $1,470 per kilowatt, a 40 percent decline since 2009–2010.

Another factor in the affordability of wind energy is the price of wind energy itself, which has reached a historic low, at 2 cents per kilowatt hour,

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