Other - FEBRUARY 11, 2019

WeWork continues its software company acquisition bender, aims to be tech company

by Andrea Zander

WeWork has acquired Euclid, a San Francisco–based spatial-analytics platform.

“Our goal is to help enterprises create the most efficient, effective and engaged workplaces for their employees,” said Shiva Rajaraman, WeWork’s chief product officer. “With Euclid now part of our organization, we will be able to provide enterprises with holistic insights around how their workplaces are used —ultimately, helping them to make more informed decisions to support their growth and company culture.”

Since its founding, Euclid’s San Francisco–based team has built a proprietary analytic offering that uses WiFi signals to understand how space is used without the installation of any additional hardware. Through this deal, Euclid will become completely integrated within WeWork. Its team and capabilities will now focus on accelerating the development of a workplace-insights solution.

“Euclid has been focused on developing the world-leading technology platform that paves the way for more compelling, efficient, and relevant experiences in the physical world,” said Brent Franson, CEO of Euclid. “With an ambitious vision, aligned mission, and amazing team, WeWork couldn’t be a better home for Euclid’s next chapter. We’re excited to join WeWork in redefining the workplace experience of the future.”

In September 2018, WeWork acquired Teem, a developer of cloud-based meeting tools and workplace analytics helping companies improve workplace experience while optimizing their use of space.

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