Understanding infrastructure debt
Research - OCTOBER 30, 2017

Understanding infrastructure debt

by Deutsche Asset Management

The complete white paper, which was published in July 2017, is available at

Synopsis: One result of the GFC has been tighter regulation of investment and finance markets, including infrastructure, and as such infrastructure debt funds have became a growing part of the conversation among institutional investors, consultants and investment managers. Deutsche Asset Management has published an overview of the market, including the opportunities and challenges. “While traditionally the route to infrastructure investment has been equity, in recent years the infrastructure debt market has developed rapidly, offering a wider set of opportunities to long-term investors,” Deutsche Asset Management notes. “Institutional investors increasingly see infrastructure debt as a way to diversify their portfolios by investing in real assets with performance characteristics that are resilient to the economic cycle, and have the potential to provide duration, long-term cash flow predictability, strong credit quality, and a yield premium over other fixed-income opportunities.” The report covers several areas, including defining infrastructure debt, the credit profile of infrastructure debt and infrastructure debt performance.

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