Other - MAY 3, 2021

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The disruptors are coming!

by Mike Consol

No, that is not the title of an upcoming Marvel Comics movie; it’s a slate of advanced technologies that promise to do for the world economy (and investors) what the internet has done. Indeed, ever since the internet was privatized and broke big, many observers have been asking about the next Big Thing.

Here is a clue: Venture capital funding in AI startups has increased by sixfold since 2000.

Jeremie Capron, director of research and managing partner at ROBO Global, asserts that, just as the internet became a tool every business in every industry can use in its operations, the same will be true of robotics and artificial intelligence. Consider them to be “general-purpose technologies,” he says. Capron, who recently gave a presentation on the topic, says we are at an inflection point during which we’re seeing exponential gains in terms of performance capabilities, with rapidly declining cost and that is driving adoption.

The impact of these technologies w

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