The AI talent pool in Asia Pacific
Research - MAY 25, 2023

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The AI talent pool in Asia Pacific

by Jennifer Molloy

How do you measure the strength of the AI talent pool in the diverse Asia Pacific market? CBRE has done so across three pillars — 1) AI Ecosystem and Investment; 2) University and Research Ecosystem; and 3) Talent Supply Pipeline and Growth — in a new article, Artificial Intelligence Tech Hubs: Asia Pacific Talent Spotlight.

Key highlights:

China has a significant lead in terms of total investments, and has the second largest number of AI companies, while Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia also have a high concentration of AI companies and a large amount of AI investment. Markets with less investment and fewer companies include more nascent markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand. Singapore is the leader in terms of AI research and the university ecosystem. China and India have the largest supplies of AI talent, with India’s talent growth outpacing that of China. The established AI
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