Starwood Energy forges grid modernization JV with TS Conductor
Investors - AUGUST 26, 2022

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Starwood Energy forges grid modernization JV with TS Conductor

by Kali Persall

Starwood Energy, a private investment firm focused on energy infrastructure, and TS Conductor Corp., a pioneer in high-performance transmission and distribution wires for electricity grids, have created a $100 million joint venture focused on grid modernization.

The joint venture, known as Gridline Finance InvestCo, unlocks an innovative method for financing much-needed grid modernization, including reconductoring existing lines and building new lines, to accelerate the energy transition and integrate more renewable generation.

For reconductoring existing lines, Gridline Finance brings to transmission and distribution infrastructure a similar energy performance contracting (EPC) approach that energy service companies (ESCOs) originally popularized for energy-efficiency upgrades. TS Conductor's breakthrough technology uses a lightweight, high-strength encapsulated core under pre-tension with safety, reliability, and longevity built-in, and the most-conductive form of al

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