Transactions - SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

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Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners expands presence in U.K. energy sector

by Kali Persall

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has acquired Flexitricity, a demand-response operator in Great Britain. Financial terms were not disclosed

The Flexitricity virtual power plant consists of an aggregated 540 megawatts of distributed flexible energy from a wide range of different assets owned by customers across Great Britain.

Quinbrook said the acquisition is part of an ongoing investment campaign aimed at helping drive the United Kingdom’s energy transition toward net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases. Over the past two years, the company has developed, constructed and agreed to acquire several other assets in line with these objectives. This includes more than 300 megawatts of flexible reserve capacity, either in operations or under construction, across 21 sites in Scotland, England and Wales, with the ability to be dispatched on call from National Grid, the high-voltage electric power transmission network serving Great Britain

Quinbrook has also invested i

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