People - FEBRUARY 9, 2018

Prologis names new head of global capital raising

by Andrea Zander

Prologis has made a leadership change in its global client relations team.

Jim Green, who began building the team when he joined Prologis in 2009, is stepping down as head of the group to assume the role of special adviser.

“In my view, he has developed a world-class team,” said Gary Anderson, chief executive of Europe and Asia at the firm.

In his new role, “Jim will be focusing on the things he does best, which is cultivating new business prospects.”

Meanwhile, Martina Malone, who joined Prologis in 2010 and was previously senior vice president of client relations in Europe and the Middle East, will succeed Green as head of global capital raising. She will continue to be based in London and will report to Anderson.

“She was the clear choice,” said Anderson. “She’s raised a lot of capital and has a global perspective. Her ability to build and sustain relationships is tremendous.”

The leadership change was planned and has been under way internally for the past 60 days. Green’s transition to special adviser officially took effect on Feb. 1.

Since the merger of ProLogis and AMB Property Corporation in 2011, Prologis has focused on consolidating its private funds platform — reducing the number of vehicles from 21 in 2011 to eight currently — to focus primarily on core open-ended funds and joint ventures in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

“With the simplification effort now complete, it made sense to make the transition now,” said Anderson. Post-consolidation, marketing of Prologis’ funds will be more streamlined, with clearer and simpler options for investors.

Prologis’ global capital-raising team comprises a total of 10 staff, including five “subject matter experts” who are focused on specific Prologis private vehicles: Malone, who is focused on the $9.1 billion Prologis European Logistics Fund; Leah Dillon, who is based in New York and concentrates on the U.S. Logistics Venture and $4.2 billion Prologis European Logistics Partners fund; Jamie Cameron, who is based in London and covers the firm’s $200 million U.K. Logistics Venture; and Nathan Paine and Luke Rottmann, who are both based in San Francisco.

“2017 was quite a remarkable year, because we were going through this consolidation that was completed in October,” said Anderson. “It was hard to raise capital when you’ve got funds that are merging. Despite that, the team raised right around $3 billion, which was certainly one of the largest raises in recent memory. In our open vehicles, we are well-funded today.”

Prologis had $79 billion of assets under management as of Dec. 31. Its portfolio includes 3,282 industrial properties across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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