PART 1: IREI symposium — U.S. real estate outlook
Investors - OCTOBER 4, 2023

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PART 1: IREI symposium — U.S. real estate outlook

by Reno Sio

The United States is leading the charge globally on price discovery, resulting in feelings of doom and gloom for asset management teams given repricing within their existing portfolios, but representing a boon to acquisitions teams that have not seen opportunities like this in the past 10 years, according to a symposium hosted by Institutional Real Estate, Inc. and held on Aug. 24 in Melbourne, Australia. Three regional panel discussions looked at the real estate markets in the United States, Asia Pacific and Europe, respectively, and the outlook for 2024. Additional key takeaways from the panel on U.S. real estate included the following:

One should not paint U.S. cities with a broad brush. Underlying demand in Sun Belt markets for multifamily assets is going to be stronger than in gateway markets. The tenant base is responding to the same factors that are serving multifamily and single-family rental. Infill logistics will do better than big sheds. Beds a
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