JULY 20, 2020

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Office design during and after COVID-19

by Denise DeChaine

These days it seems there is a common topic everywhere you look, read, listen: COVID-19. Precautions are being put in place and stay-at-home orders have gone into place, been lifted in some areas and seem to be on their way to being put back in place, if are not there already. So what does all of this mean for those that haven’t left the office or will eventually head back to the office when restrictions are lifted?

“In response to the coronavirus, I think that certain companies will be looking to find the balance between investing in measures to make their workplace socially distant or allow their employees to socially distance in their workplace versus working out whether that investment is going to be a viable long-term investment,” said Ben Grave, director at Dthree Studio, in a video for Institutional Real Estate, Inc.

Grave continued to explain there are a couple of things to consider in this situation because employers will not be rushing their staff back

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