Nuveen releases fourth-quarter outlook
Research - OCTOBER 15, 2021

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Nuveen releases fourth-quarter outlook

by Released

Global growth is slowing from its fastest pace in decades, as the Delta variant disrupts the recovery, governments gradually withdraw stimulus and policy risks multiply, according to Nuveen’s Global Investment Committee’s 2021 Q4 Outlook. Even so, Nuveen’s outlook remains upbeat as economies reopen and more workers return to jobs, allowing companies to ramp up production and restock inventories. Nuveen also shared five portfolio-construction themes, as growth and income opportunities becoming increasingly hard to come by:

Balance inflation risks with growth risks. Consider investments that can prosper in a slower- growth environment, including areas such as select growth at reasonable prices in equities (like healthcare), and a variety of private real estate and real assets that offer diversification and resilience. Continue casting a wide net for income. Consider different a
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