Research - MARCH 24, 2020

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In Netherlands, retail, hotels and co-working offices expected to feel heaviest impacts from coronavirus pandemic

by Andrea Zander

The Netherlands and most other European countries are forecast to be pushed into recession this year by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. The heaviest blows from the economic slowdown in the Dutch real estate industry are likely to fall on sectors most dependent on discretionary consumer spending, including retail — outside of basic daily necessities — hotels and restaurants, as well as those where short-term leases are prevalent, particularly co-working offices, the latest research from Amsterdam-based investment manager Bouwinvest concludes.

Marleen Bosma, Bouwinvest head of research and strategic advisory, said, “The coming economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic is going to hit all areas of the Dutch real estate investment market, but those sectors where consumers and businesses can quickly choose to cut spending, such as non-staple retail,

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