Research - NOVEMBER 19, 2020

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Logistics customers make significant investments in automation

by Andrea Zander

Automation has the power to revolutionize logistics operations, according to Prologis. As capabilities expand alongside declining costs, faster returns on investment (ROIs) are fueling adoption. Three trends are aligning to drive higher levels of automation within its facilities. First, COVID has led to greater absenteeism, further stressing labor availability. Second, technology continues to improve, expanding capabilities and reducing costs. Third, labor-intensive operations, specifically e-commerce, are growing quickly. These users benefit greatly from this technology and are leading adopters.

This dramatic transformation cannot be overstated: What was expected to take years to gain traction is occurring in mere months. As a result, some logistics customers are making significant investments in automation.

The report addresses the three top questions surrounding the current state of automation and its future prospects:

What is automation? What
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