Other - MAY 16, 2019

LaSalle partners with Artivest

by Released

LaSalle Investment Management has partnered with Artivest to expand its reach into the retail investor market for privately placed U.S. value-add real estate investment programs through a closed-end vehicle.

At a time of growing demand for private illiquid alternatives among financial advisers and qualified high-net-worth investors, technology advancements are enabling greater access to this investment category than ever before.

LaSalle, seeking to stay one step ahead of these developments, identified Artivest as a premium point of entry to the retail market for alternatives.

The Artivest Open Network is a digital platform that is a way wealth managers and investors identify, access and invest in institutional-grade alternative strategies, including private equity, private credit, hedge funds, managed futures and real assets.

“Our platform brings together data-driven insights, proprietary technology and robust diligence expertise to deliver a simplified, efficient experience and remove the barriers that have traditionally stood in the way of advisers and investors seeking access to alternatives,” said James Waldinger, founder and CEO of Artivest.

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