GO.FARM launches $300m agriculture fund
Fundraising - MAY 22, 2024

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GO.FARM launches $300m agriculture fund

by Lewis Dayton

GO.FARM has announced plans to invest $600 million in a new agriculture fund — $300 million from a capital raise and $300 million funded by debt, reported Business News Australia.

With 88,000 hectares (217,453 acres) of farms under management and $1.1 billion of assets under management, GO.FARM is one of Australia’s leading producers of several crops, including field tomatoes, almonds, farm grains, oilseeds, pulses, citrus and wine grapes.

GO.FARM’s mission is to transform Australian agriculture by consolidating farmland to unlock scale efficiencies, transitioning land and water to more profitable uses and increasing productivity by deploying new technologies.

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