Transactions - OCTOBER 14, 2021

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Facebook and Google buy land for data center developments in Denmark

by Denise Moose

Facebook and Google have each acquired large tracts of land in Denmark for potential data center developments this week, according to Data Center Dynamics.

Google has acquired 120,000 square meters (1.29 million square feet) of land in Taulov, in Denmark’s Fredericia municipality, while Facebook has bought 212 hectares (22.8 million square feet) in Andrup, in the Esbjer municipality.

In June 2017, Google acquired a 73.2-hectare (7.8 million-square-foot) plot of land in Fredericia for $9.86 million. It subsequently acquired another 131 acres in the municipality of Aabenraa to the south.

In 2018, Google finally announced plans to build a DKr 4.5 billion ($690 million) data center in Fredericia. The data center went live in late 2020, but is not listed on its GCP infrastructure map, suggesting it is for Google’s own use.

“We are proud and happy that Google has chosen to get involved in Fredericia,” says Steen Wrist, mayor in Fredericia.

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