EQT calls on industry participants to unleash U.S. LNG exports
Research - MARCH 9, 2022

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EQT calls on industry participants to unleash U.S. LNG exports

by Kali Persall

EQT has proposed a plan to unlock U.S. LNG to address energy needs and advance climate efforts by targeting the replacement of international coal.

According to EQT, coal is the source of 48 percent of current international energy emissions. Most coal-reliant countries do not have the natural gas resources to facilitate coal-to-gas switching without imports. The report reasons that increasing U.S. LNG capacity to 55 billion cubic feet per day (bcfd) by 2030 would replace international coal at an unprecedented pace. In addition, replacing power generation from coal with natural gas results in an emissions reduction of 60 percent, equal to the benefits seen from switching to electric vehicles

“We have presented today our case for leveraging U.S. natural gas to meaningfully advance our efforts in addressing global climate change,” said Toby Rice, president and CEO of EQT. “Unleashing U.S. LNG to target international coal consumption is not only proven, the opportunit

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