Customer experience and the bottom line
Other - APRIL 19, 2023

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Customer experience and the bottom line

by Mike Consol

Customer experience. Some companies bank their reputations on it. Apple, Disney, Ritz-Carlton and Uber come to mind.

But far more companies are sorely lacking in this area. The consultancy McKinsey & Co. observed this past year: “Customer experience is more important than ever — yet it has never been more challenging as companies face a perfect storm of increasing call volumes, talent shortages, and rising customer expectations.”

Bradly Sax, director of customer strategy and experience at the integrated real estate firm Lendlease, concurs.

“Unfortunately, what we know from research is consumers are reporting less satisfaction than they have historically, which is probably why many organizations are jumping on the customer experience bandwagon and trying to figure out how to create more satisfied and more loyal customers,” he said during a recent guest appearance on a Real Assets Adviser podcast.

There are three common measures of cu

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