- OCTOBER 3, 2022

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The current investment period feels different from past cycles

by Chase McWhorter

Welcome to the “age of disruption.” Inflation, recession, deglobalization, supply chains, work from home, technology, geopolitics and more all combine to create an investment period that feels different than past cycles because everything appears to be hitting at once. It all boils down to disruption, which was the key theme at the fall 2022 Editorial Advisory Board meeting for Institutional Real Estate Americas, where about 80 real estate industry leaders representing nearly $2.5 trillion in real estate assets under management gathered in scorching Pasadena, Calif., last month.

Despite the general sentiment being one of caution, it was interesting to observe the general positive tone. Although one of our quick-tally polls showed 60 percent of the room believed a recession imminent, if it doesn’t change his intended meaning, consider rephrasing to: a glass half-full view might be that this is the “age of opportunity.” As I reflected during my flight back, more quest

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