Cleantech start-ups could help solve the energy crisis
Research - MARCH 14, 2022

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Cleantech start-ups could help solve the energy crisis

by Kali Persall

Clean-energy start-ups — young small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to bring novel clean-energy technologies to market — could be a key solution to solving the current energy crisis, according to a new IEA report titled, How Governments Support Clean Energy Start-Ups.

According to the report, periods of energy disruption, like the one we are seeing, offer an opening for disruptive technologies. Although start-ups are generally less than seven years old and have not yet commercialized any profitable products or shared dividends with investors, the IEA posits that they could help respond to the current energy crisis while also accelerating progress towards climate targets.

Money is pouring into small companies that are thinking of new ways to improve energy systems and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, energy technologies are becoming more digital, electronic, consumer-focused and modular. Government support to help start-ups get new

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