People - JANUARY 15, 2021

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CIO of Connecticut Retirement Plans & Trust Funds announces departure

by Kali Persall

Laurie Martin, CIO of the Connecticut Retirement Plans & Trust Funds (CRPTF), is planning to leave the pension fund for a new opportunity, according to an announcement from Connecticut State Treasurer Shawn Wooden.

CRPTF is undertaking a national search to name her successor. In the meantime, Steven Meier, assistant treasurer and senior principal investment officer for the office of the treasurer, will serve as interim CIO.

“I've accepted a new opportunity that will allow me to transition back to healthcare finance in my home state of Massachusetts and be closer to my family,” said Laurie Martin, CIO at the office of the Treasurer. “I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to have served the state of Connecticut and have enjoyed my time at the office of the treasurer.”

The pension funds management division of the state of Connecticut executes the investment programs of the CRPTF, which consists of six state pension funds and nine state trust funds.

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