Chicago Teachers posts return of 8.68% for fiscal year
Investors - SEPTEMBER 11, 2023

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Chicago Teachers posts return of 8.68% for fiscal year

by Lewis Dayton

Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund, with $11.9 billion AUM, posted a return of net 8.68 percent for the fiscal year ending June 30, performing below its benchmark of 9.53 percent.

The fund, however, has outperformed its benchmark over the past three, five, seven, and 10 years, posting net returns of 8.44 percent, 6.94 percent, 8.07 percent and 7.73 percent, respectively. Those gains compare with the respective three-, five-, seven-, and 10-year benchmarks of 7.37 percent, 6.38 percent, 7.59 percent and 7.29 percent.

Infrastructure investments, which make up 2 percent ($264 million) of the fund’s portfolio, returned 9.39 percent for the fiscal year, above its benchmark of -1.29 percent. The fund’s infrastructure allocation is in line with its target of 2 percent.

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