Investors - APRIL 3, 2020

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by Released GmbH, a subsidiary of BF.direkt AG and an investment company for institutional investors in real estate debt, has received an individual contract of €300 million ($324 million) from a German insurance company.

The investment focus is on whole loans with an LTV of up to 80 percent. The contract has been designed for an indefinite duration and is intended to form the basis for a long-term partnership. It is hoped the contract will be increased to €500 million ($539 million) moving ahead.

Manuel Koppel, managing director of GmbH, said, “The investor’s large-scale commitment shows how attractive real estate debt investments are for institutional investors. The capital will mainly be used to finance property projects at the big seven and their surrounding areas. A few growth and student cities will also be added to the mix. The main type of use will be residential, including special-purpose residences with standardized operating concepts. There

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