Research - NOVEMBER 17, 2020

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Asian investors to target resilient markets and assets

by Andrea Zander

Knight Frank’s Active Capital 2020 finds capital from Singapore and Hong Kong will dominate global investments in 2021, alongside other major markets such as the United States, Canada and Germany. In a ranking of top capital sources for the coming year, the two Asian financial centres are placed fourth and eighth, respectively.

The forecast top 10 sources of global capital in 2021:

United States Canada Germany Singapore United Kingdom Switzerland France Hong Kong Sweden Israel

Singapore outbound capital

Using a proprietary “capital gravity” model that forecasts likely flows of capital between countries and their estimated size for 2021, the research predicts outbound investment from Singapore into Australia will reach $3.82 billion in the next year, 28 percent above the five-year average of $2.98 billion. This is despite transactio

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