OCTOBER 29, 2020

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The appeal of triple-net-lease assets in the COVID-19 environment

by Loretta Clodfelter

One of the biggest open questions during the coronavirus pandemic is what impact it will have on the office industry.

In “A triple play,” a market perspective in the November 2020 issue of Institutional Real Estate Americas, Stephen Stein, managing partner of Tauro Capital Advisors, shares the factors driving investor interest in single-tenant triple-net-leased assets (NNN).

“We have seen expanded interest in triple-net-lease assets since the start of the pandemic, and we expect this demand to continue,” notes Swehla.

According to Stein, single-tenant triple-net-leased assets are traditionally stable, they are low maintenance and require fewer capital expenses for the buyer, and they can offer specific tax and liquidity advantages. And there is an increasing shortage of NNN inventory.

For more on how these factor

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