Investors - FEBRUARY 13, 2020

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Another major Danish fund commits to climate health

by Kali Persall

PFA Pension, Denmark’s largest commercial pension fund, has launched a climate program, allowing its customers to invest in climate-focused investments. The initiative, known as PFA Climate Plus, is aiming to be CO2-neutral by 2025.

“As Denmark’s largest pension company with more than 1.3 million customers, PFA has a special responsibility to contribute to a sustainable development of society,” said Allan Polack, CEO of PFA. “In support of this, PFA wishes to take the lead and — together with the customers — take part in accelerating the sustainable transition.”

In PFA Climate Plus, all asset classes will consist of specifically selected companies that actively work on reducing the world’s CO2 emissions. It will also offer investments in green assets and selected projects such as offshore wind farms and sustainable properties. No investments will be made in oil, coal or gas.

The PFA Climate Plus portfolio has a goal of being CO2-negative by 203

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