Anduin launches Investor Data Management platform
Other - JUNE 13, 2024

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Anduin launches Investor Data Management platform

by Released

Anduin has launched Investor Data Management (IDM), a platform that enables fund managers to supercharge their investor workflows through the better management and operationalization of their data. This new solution allows funds to streamline processes by leveraging their existing data stores, eliminating the need to repeatedly request the same information and documents from LPs.

“True democratization will always elude the $13 trillion private markets if each transaction remains at the mercy of an expired driver's license or passport,” said Eliot Hodges, CEO, Anduin. “IDM solves this problem once and for all by establishing a universal source of truth for all investor information so that each private market transaction can operate more closely to those of the public market. Significantly, GP middle and back-office leaders can now shift much of their time away from these historically tedious processes to engaging with their investors and building deeper relationships.”

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