Research - OCTOBER 18, 2021

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Airline passengers up 162% in August, still down from pre-pandemic August 2019

by Andrea Zander

U.S. airlines carried 66 million passengers in August 2021, according to preliminary data filed with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) by 20 airlines that carry more than 90 percent of passengers. That is an increase of 162 percent for scheduled-service passengers from August 2020 (25.2 million) but remains 20.8 percent below the number of passengers carried in the most recent corresponding pre-pandemic month, August 2019 (83.4 million).

Preliminary August 2021 airline passenger numbers (20 carriers reporting):

⦁          Total: 66 million passengers, up 162 percent from August 2020 (25.2 million), down 20.8 percent from August 2019 (83.4 million).

⦁          Domestic: 59.7 million passengers, up 151 percent from August 2020 (23.8 million), down 17.5 percent from August 2019 (72.4 million).

⦁          International: 6.3 million passengers, up 358 percent from August 2020 (1.4 million), down 42.7 percent from Au

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