Transactions - NOVEMBER 8, 2018

AEW acquires Hypoport Invest

by Andrea Zander

AEW has further expanded its German business with the acquisition of Hypoport Invest from Hypoport AG, adding a German-regulated management capability (AIFM) to its pan-European investment and asset management platform.

AEW has transferred its existing team and business to the new subsidiary, which has been rebranded AEW Invest. This acquisition represents a further step in the growth of AEW’s German platform and ensures that the firm can offer its German clients a full range of real estate fund management services.

Since 2014, AEW has established a number of funds in Germany including Europe Value Investors and City Retail and has raised more than €1.5 billion ($tk billion) of equity from over 40 German investors in that time. As well as these funds, AEW currently manages a number of separate account mandates on behalf of German institutions.

“Germany is one of Europe’s most important real estate markets and, as with the wider platform in Europe, a key element to ensuring we can continue to grow operations is to be able to offer our clients a full range of services,” said Rob Wilkinson CEO of AEW. The acquisition of this business takes us from being a pure asset manager to a fully regulated alternative investment fund manager, building on the momentum already achieved by Stephan Boenning and our team in Germany.”

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