OCTOBER 2, 2020

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A polarised city

by Marek Handzel

Although London has experienced a dip in transaction activity, investors should bear the words of Benjamin Disraeli, who twice served as Prime Minister of the UK in the 19th century, says Jonathan Gilbert, an investment partner at property consultancy Hartnell Taylor Cook.

Disraeli said that “London is a roost for every bird”. Gilbert believes that Disraeli’s statement still rings true. London’s offices will retain their appeal to both tenants and investors. London remains a world-class city and a critical home for many businesses. Activity and demand in some other UK markets remain at a standstill, yet London’s offices are wanted products and there is growing appetite for new kinds of stock emerging during this transition period.

But the key is to know where to look.

There is talk of a handful of branded offices in London that are at, or approaching, 100 percent capacity, with waiting lists of existing tenants looking to expand. These are buildings

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