A compelling case for Asian real estate
JUNE 4, 2024

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A compelling case for Asian real estate

by Chiang Ling Ng


Having experienced one of the most challenging cycles in recent memory, real estate investors must surely be looking forward to green shoots in the market.

Although the interest-rate trajectory of major economies stands at a crossroad, there are early signs of transaction volumes and capital markets activity recovering progressively.

Investors would undoubtedly welcome this development, but they also face difficult decisions in allocating their funds. In particular, given the sharper price corrections in the United States and Europe, does Asian real estate still merit a place in their portfolios?

I believe it does.

Looking at the big picture, an Asia allocation plays a valuable role in diversifying a global investment mix. More specifically, the region is poised to generate a spectrum of opportunities as a result of secular growth trends and unique in-market dynamics.

Diversify, diversify, diversify

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