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Confidence wanes as infrastructure investments stall

by Kali Persall | Apr 8, 2020

A new global infrastructure survey has revealed that infrastructure investments have hit a standstill as COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the world, putting essential development projects in question and destroying confidence that investments will pick up following the pandemic.
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Private equity in infrastructure to be unaffected by virus

by Andrea Zander | Apr 7, 2020

The spread of the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 is bringing the first real test of the resilience of infrastructure. There will be clear distinction between assets that have strong defensive characteristics and those that do not, giving force to arguments about “private equity in infrastructure’s clothing,” said Bfinance, a U.K. advisory firm, in its private market report.
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Hydropower: An asset class with untapped potential

by Kali Persall | Mar 30, 2020

In many respects, hydropower tends to live the shadow of its green-energy counterparts, solar and wind. If the headlines are to be believed, investors are snapping up the latter energy producers left and right, as ESG becomes a portfolio must-have. But why is hydropower getting left behind?
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As the economy stalls, some infrastructure assets hit a wall

by Drew Campbell | Mar 24, 2020

How will the coronavirus pandemic and collapsing oil prices affect infrastructure assets and investments? That is the question UBS asks in its special outlook report, Potential impact of COVID-19 on global infrastructure markets: Mixed outlook for infrastructure assets.
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